Semalt: Get To Know More About Google Position Monitoring Programs 

There is no need to convince anyone about the importance of a high position in Google search results. As it translates into website traffic and then into conversions. This is why everyone, from online stores to service websites, takes part in the race for first positions in search engines. They often spend the lion's share of their marketing budget on SEO activities. Is it profitable? Everything depends on the effect obtained from such SEO activities. So get to know how to check and control the position of a website on Google!

What is a position on Google?

A website's position on Google is the place it occupies in search results for a given query or phrase. Search engines present the results to Internet users in the form of a list called the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The position a website achieves in search engines depends on many factors. The criteria used by the Google algorithm are not fully known. Google publishes only some of the factors.

Position monitoring - what to remember?

It should be remembered that these criteria are not constant - the algorithm is constantly updated and improved, which means that the position of the website in the search engine is not constant and not achieved once and for all. Hence, it should be monitored on an ongoing basis and, in case of a decrease, make everything to improve its visibility in search engines. This is important because the higher the position of the page is, the more visible it is on the web.

Therefore, it appears more often to users who can click a link, go to it (the website), generate traffic on it, and make purchases. Thus, the battle to find yourself in the so-called TOP10 is fierce. There is a curiosity worth mentioning here. Experience shows that the first position in the SERP is not always a guarantee of high click-through rates. In some industries, pages ranked 2, 3, or even lower are much better clicked. What's more, the rate of visits to the website also largely depends on whether the Internet user uses a mobile or stationary device.

Why is it worth monitoring positions on Google?

The position in the Google search engine is one of the most important indicators of whether SEO activities are paying off. Therefore, monitoring the position allows you to assess whether the funds spent actually bring the company a profit and translate into an increase in its competitive advantage. The obtained data allows you to conclude the efficiency of the links created and the keywords used. A high position in Google is a sign for the company that the keywords are correctly selected, and positioning is effective. However, you should be concerned when your SEO budget is large, and your website is located in remote locations. This is a signal that SEO activities may be improperly conducted.

To sum up, monitoring their position in Google is crucial for all companies that want to operate online dynamically. It allows you to check the current effects of positioning, react to sudden changes, and obtain information for planning further optimization activities. Position monitoring is also a great tool for competitor analysis. Failure to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis may have negative effects, not only on the brand's marketing activities but also on sales.

How to check if a website is indexed by Google?

Before starting to monitor the position of a website in the search engine, it is necessary to check whether it is indexed by Google. To do this, go to the Google Search Console, and check the indexing in the coverage setting. In this tab, you will find links to pages that are invisible in the search engine and that potential customers cannot find in their searches. However, you can submit any of these pages to be indexed.

How to check the position of a page on Google?

Currently, there are many methods of how to check the ranking of a website on Google. You can use the following:

How to check the position of a page on Google manually?

Manually checking your position on Google is the simplest way to check your site's position in the search engine. The manual method, although simple and free, is also tedious and time-consuming and gives the least reliable results. Usually, it is chosen by small businesses and bloggers who are just taking their first steps online. If you want to manually check positions on Google, follow these steps:
Manually checking your position on Google is not recommended. The reason is the unreliable result, as well as the time-consuming activity, especially if you want to check several key phrases at once.

How to check the position of a page in Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free position monitoring tool. It is an extensive application that, among others, helps in determining the average position of a page in a selected period. In addition, this free tool provides information about the website's condition, its visibility, and its presence in the Google index. It will also show which phrases the website is displayed for and the average position of all terms for which the page is displayed in the search results. If you want to check the visibility of your website using the Google Search Console, you must have a Google account and follow one of the steps below:
Important: if the average position is in the range 1-5, as a rule, it is correct after manual checking. However, if it is lower, it is worth remembering the above definition because the calculations are influenced by many factors.

Paid programs to monitor your position on Google

Paid search engine position monitoring software is a solution for companies that want to thoroughly check the effects of SEO activities. Professional companies that deal with positioning also use them. On their basis, they prepare, among others, reports for their clients. Paid tools allow you to monitor a large number of keywords and provide detailed information on the place of a website in the search results. This is possible since they have extensive functions. How to choose the best paid Google position monitoring tool? Preferably through testing. Most applications offer the first few days (3, 7, 14) for free in the form of a test, and to use the tools afterward, you need to purchase a subscription.

On the other hand, if you want to have a very practical and efficient tracking tool at a lower price, you can use the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. This is a tool that gives you a 14-day free trial to see how it performs before you commit financially.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is a platform that includes several SEO tools. With each of these DSD features, you can check the visibility of any page on Google, research keywords for the website, and monitor the position. When you decide to use the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, the package also includes access to many additional SEO tools. Keep this in mind, for example, when comparing prices with other position monitoring tools.

How does the Dedicated SEO Dashboard stand out from the competition in terms of position tracking?

  1. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard monitors the entire TOP100 and you can check the positions of specific words not only for your website, but also for selected competitors. 
  2. You have the possibility to invite your customers to individual projects. Each customer receives individual login credentials, which will allow him/her to view only the shared project.
  3. With the Report Center integration, you will prepare automatic reports for the client or supervisor.
  4. Historical elements are also available for some of the sentences. So you can check how your website was visible in the past for certain phrases, not just from the moment the phrases were added for monitoring.
  5. An advanced sentence grouping system is available here - you can group them automatically and manually. Thanks to this, the statistics of each group are measured separately.
  6. Grouping of phrases, i.e. several types of data are collected for each phrase. Span monthly number of searches, CPC, information on SERP snippets, or seasonality.
  7. Metrics in monitoring, this is about ten different reports, and their number is growing. Thanks to this, you can thoroughly analyze the situation of the monitored website.
  8. The DSD monitoring has its own API - thanks to this, you can transfer your data to any external system.
  9. The system includes an intelligent system of phrase and competition indices to monitor. This will help you to complete your own lists.
  10. In the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, there are also support tools that you can use for: an in-depth analysis of the competition, detection of keyword cannibalization on the site, or SERP scores comparison. 
  11. The whole system is accurately described - full documentation is available in the knowledge base, and detailed tutorials for each tool can be found on our blog. Chat support also works well. Thanks to this, despite the many options, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the system.


The visibility of your page in the search engine is a prerequisite for the effective acquisition of customers, users, and readers. The higher the site's position, the greater the chance that the Internet user will find it. The position monitoring tools - free or paid, will help to check its current location. However, this is not their only task. The data obtained, thanks to them, allows you to verify the effects of SEO activities, plan an effective optimization strategy, and increase your competitive advantage.